is a headset equiped with an mirror
which gives the illusion
that what you are walking beneath
is actually right in front of you ...

Looking in this miror,
one will see a virtual surrounding
and will have the sensation
of moving in levitation
and the illusion of passing through matter.




Surprisingly simple, this concept
works without electronics!


Mer de sable

Then imagin yourself exploring:
land your starship on Mars,
visit the inside of human body,
discover the mecanics of a watch from within or dive into the ocean and swim with sharks!

So many unical adventures to make your event bewildering for all,

"La citadelle du vertige" of the Futuroscope in Poitiers, France.

The reflected image of a miror can easily trick us.
For a long time magicians have used this technique to create illusions: ghosts crossing a stage or a disappearing elephant.

It was whilst playing with mirrors in a country house that the idea was born in the brilliant mind of Gérard MAJAX who has always been passionate about optical illusion.

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